Sunday, September 11, 2016

The ultimate stick-em-in-and-forget-em plant

Okay, so my mom reminded me of my secret weapon in the garden, which is her. She does a lot of clearing, etc., of the white ginger and such. NEVERTHELESS, it's worth planting.

So here I'm going to give you a plant that if you manage to kill it, you are not of this world. That's how tough it is. Not only that but it produces a lovely little flower in abundance throughout summer, when most plants around here are like:

It even has a refreshing name: ICE PLANT.

It's my fave succulent (meaning it has those puffy, water-storing leaves). It spreads along the twiggy brown stems (right), which can get leggy, but then whenever you're with a friend, just pull some iceplant off and hand it to them. It's a perfect passalong plant like that, and they can even wait a day or two before sticking it in soil. Iceplant likes things hot and dry as it is here throughout the summer. It doesn't mind the wind of a hurricane too much and would probably put in a noble effort of crawling to higher ground if there's a flood.

Here's one of my mom's cascading from a pot, neighbor to a solar-powered floodlight. This was taken in September.

Writing about them makes me want to tend the ones I've neglected for at least three years, in a little hanging bucket by the steps. They'd be real pretty with just a little TLC.

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