Sunday, September 11, 2016

And the winner is...

I've spent months deliberating on what plant I wanted to first tell you about. There are so many that are such a pleasure for various reasons.

But I have to pick a blue ribbon winner, and goes...

White Ginger
Now just hear me out on this one. This little puppy PRODUCES. She not only puts forth a lovely-looking flower rather prolifically, but she never gives a spot of trouble, come floods and hurricanes, come deep freezes, nor'easters, or sweltering dog days. Whether I think to water and feed her, there she is, all through the summer and much of fall, just blooming away and putting off a divine, I mean DIVINE, scent. Cut a few stems, stick them in a vase and bring them in, and they'll scent the house with something you'd be out of your mind to call unwelcome. Even the foliage is lovely, kinda got that Rousseau thing going on there that makes you think of oddly-drawn large cats.

Persnickety points: Okay, so the foliage gets to looking kinda raggedy and the root system is tenacious, so you had better like where you put this thing.

NEVERTHELESS, if you're a beach bum gardener like me, you can live with the somewhat sadsack look when it's finished blooming and if you've got a minute, just clip here and there to neaten it up.

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